Remanufactured Xerox Phaser 8550 Solid Ink Colorsticks for Xerox Phaser 8550 color printer provides vivid, high quality colorful output. The Compatible Xerox Phaser 8550 Solid Ink Colorstick Cartridges are really consistent on almost every paper. Remanufactured Solid ink stick cartridge for your Xerox Phaser 8550 printer is cheap priced to enable you the professional edge of color for approximately the price of a black inkjet printer. Full page color and high speed printing ensures you're never waiting for even the largest jobs to print. Replacement Xerox Phaser 8550 Solid Ink Colorstick Cartridges are produced 100% brand new . These low cost substitute alternatives for your 8550 printer are backed by a full 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Remanufactured Colorsticks prices are almost 60% less than Original cartridges.

Solid ink is a confirmed color printing technology exclusively sold by Xerox. A solid ink multifunction printer uses solid sticks of no-mess ink instead of toner or ink-jet cartridges. Solid ink is no brainer to use, is capable of unbelievable print quality, is low priced, and produces almost 87% less waste than a classic laser product.

To make refurbished replacement Xerox 8550 Ink sticks, original printer cartridges are taken apart, cleaned and fixed under rigorous quality inspection standards by the reputed distributors and then filled with best quality ink or toner ink to make reconditioned replacement ink cartridges that are of a very high quality. Regularly the reconditioned replacement ink cartridges are equal to, or even top the performance of Original equipment manufacturer ones.

To assure savings and quality, you should research available ink suppliers. Find out everything about each provider's past, customer feedback, and provider's reputation. Do they offer quick delivery and a no hassle return policy? The more you find out about each company, the easier you'll be able to decide who to order from. Too often, less known distributors can offer extremely cheap prices since the quality is poor. Finding a reputable ink provider means getting exactly what you pay for. You'll be reassured that your new ink cartridges will perform just like the expensive originals.

Very inexpensive prices on purchases of cartridges and ink cartridges from internet shops have made many clients to choose from the cheapest replacement ink cartridges that are reliable and productive. You have internet shops that sell ink toner at affordable prices and at the same time stick to the high quality and proper fulfilment of the users.

Just like with some types of gadgets these days, reputable types of printers have very specific cartridge designs. Unfortunately, the lack of standardization implies that you have to know the type, make and model, of your printer when you need to order printer toner cartridges or ink cartridges. If buying toner cartridges or printer ink cartridges on-line, it is important to have this information available. You do not need to experience the hassle of buying the false ink cartridge and having to return it for a replacement.

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